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What Oil Catch Can Should I Purchase?

Posted by on 8/8/2016 to News
We hear this question all the time. What type of Oil Catch Can goes with my vehicle? You can image with all the different types of engines and performance components that can be installed, how confusing it can seem to be. It really isn’t.
Each vehicle varies with the amount of contaminates that is filtered out. Our Regular Oil Catch Can is a total height of 10 inches with a 3 inch diameter and our Monster Oil Catch Can is 10 inches with a 4 inch diameter. While choosing what Rx Oil Catch Can by McNally to install in your vehicle there are some things that should be aware of. How many engine cylinders do I have and does your engine have a turbo system installed?
Any vehicles that is 8 or 10 cylinders we recommend a Monster size Oil Catch Can. 4 and 6 cylinders engines should install a Regular size Oil Catch Can. Now, if you have a 4 or 6 cylinder with a turbo you should consider a Monster size Oil Catch can if you have room under your hood.
With 4 and 6 cylinder engines it will most likely be a very compact engine bay. Fitting a Monster size catch can will be tricky. Those vehicles with extremely tight engine bays may only have room for a Regular Catch Can. In ANY case we cannot stress enough that when you first install you Rx Oil Catch Can by McNally you MUST empty the Catch Can as much as possible to determine the amount of blow-by contaminates your newly install catch can collects. Some vehicle owners only have to empty the Rx Oil Catch Can with every oil change while others may find they will have to empty their can more frequently.
Now for a Clean Side Separator. There is a debate going on with Clean Side Separators. Some claim it is a must while others will say they are not needed. A Clean Side Separator works on the air flow of your engine. While air flow will go in the direction to your air filter having a turbo installed in your engine may push and pull at different volumes. Having a Clean Side Separator is an additional way to filter out any blow-by contaminates from re-entering your engine.
Premium Kits vs Regular Kits offer a different challenge. Our Premium kits are supplied with a Clean Side Separator made of Aluminum while the Regular Kits offer a Clean Side Separator that is made of heat resistant abs plastic. In areas that go thru sub-zero climates it is our recommendation to use the Premium Oil catch Can Kits.

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