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What Oil Catch Can Should I Purchase?

Posted by on 8/8/2016 to News
We hear this question all the time. What type of Oil Catch Can goes with my vehicle? You can imagine with all the different types of engines and performance components that can be installed, how confusing it can seem to be. It really isn’t.
Each vehicle varies with the amount of contaminates that is filtered out. Our Regular Oil Catch Can is a total height of 10 inches with a 3 inch diameter and our Monster Oil Catch Can is 10 inches with a 4 inch diameter (with stems attached). While choosing what Rx Oil Catch Can by McNally to install in your vehicle there are some things that should be aware of. How many engine cylinders do I have and does your engine have a turbo system installed?

Catch Can VS Catch Can – In the Wild, Wild, West!

Posted by on 8/8/2016 to News
There are many choices out there in the market place for Catch Cans. You seem to see them everywhere now. Just a simple search on Ebay could only confuse you more if you were already wondering what type of Oil Catch Can to get for you vehicle.
Oil Catch Cans have been around for a while now. With the event of Direct Injection Engines or Port Injection Engines that promise higher fuel efficiency consumers of these vehicles are finding out that that promise will soon go away. It doesn’t take long for the blow-by produced from these type of engines to hinder performance and horsepower. To combat this car owners should have an Oil Catch Can installed in their vehicle. Now comes the problem… Which One? There are many to choose from.