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Why Auto Manufactures do not include Oil Catch Can?

Posted by on 1/23/2019
Any modified performance car that you see will have some sort of oil catch can on them. Oil Catch cans are placed by the car owners themselves which beg the question of why do the car manufacturers choose not to place an oil catch can in the vehicles. Any GDI Engines benefits greatly from Oil Catch Can let alone a performance vehicle. If you understand the purpose of a catch can you can say there is a good argument for automakers to place catch cans in their engines no matter if it is a performance vehicle or not. As PCV systems suck the pressure out of the crankcase, it also draws out a fine mist of oil which is then included in the air/fuel intake charge. Although you might not notice any performance loss in a stock engine, the blow-by created by GDI Engines can lead to reduced combustion, fouled spark plugs, detonation, a dirty throttle body/intake manifold, and it can even lower the fuel efficiency. This type of damage over time with blow-by will cost you thousands of dollars in repair cost. 

There are auto manufacturers that provide products to address the blow-by problem. This is usually still considered an aftermarket product and done under a different name or within the "performance" division. Vehicles owners still mismanage regular oil changes. It may not be you the reader but let's face it consumers of vehicles do have a problem remembering that vehicles need attention and maintenance. Adding another "chore" for vehicle owners is just another maintenance concern for a vehicle owner to add to the list. And to the main reason (personal opinion only), even though auto manufacturers know that there is a blow-by problem with modern engines that does not mean they want or will run out to fix it. Remember blow-by damage is done over time. It is not something that shows immediately. An auto manufacturer does not want you to purchase a vehicle and keep it for the lifetime of the car. They want you to buy more cars from them. 

An Oil Catch Can not only helps with the longevity of your engine but it also helps in performance. So the question is if you spent forty thousand dollars on a vehicle how much is it worth to spend to maintain performance of that vehicle.

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