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Oil Catch Cans and Vehicle Warranties

Posted by on 7/2/2019
We often get questions about if installing an oil catch can will affect the current warranties on that vehicle.

First, let's get what an oil catch can does with your vehicle. As most of us know an oil catch can filers out and catches carbon, oil, acid, and water from entering your engine. These contaminants will over time cause your engine to lose performance and gas mileage from engine coking from blow-by. Blow-by is not something new with modern engines. It has always been around. Back in the day when we had no concept of protecting the environment the "dirty" air produced by the vehicle's engine was in released into the air. All that nasty oil residue was allowed to drip out of the engine onto the roads. With the event of emission laws, the auto manufactures idea was to have all those contaminants recycled back into the engine. This solved the emission problem but made a different type of problem. Since then Auto Manufactures have changed their engines quite a bit to get better gas mileage and performance but the truth of the matter is a gas engine is going to produce blow-by. It is the nature of the beast and carbon, oil, acid, and water will always be a by-product of GDI Engines.  

So with this one would think having an oil catch can installed on your vehicle is a no brainer and manufactures and dealerships think it is a great idea as well. The truth of the matter is this is not the case. We have found that each dealership treats the installation of an oil catch can differently. There are some dealerships that have no problem of an oil catch can and some will encourage it. But there are dealership who will tell you that your warranty on your vehicle will be voided if an Oil Catch Can is installed. So before you pay for the vehicle to come off the dealership lot be sure to ask about oil catch cans and warranties.

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