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Auto Gauge Kits

Auto Gauge Kits are High Quality and are Hand assembled. Made from Anodized Aluminum and LED back-lit in 5 different colors, we're sure to have a auto gauge kit that fits your needs.

Auto Gauge Kits come with the gauge, cables, thermocouple (for gauges that read temperature) and a pressure sensor. Button selects Fahrenheit or Celsius. Everything you need to get your Auto Gauge Kit installed.

You can Choose from 5 DIFFERENT LED COLORS you wish to have for your Auto Gauge Kit!
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • White

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Boost/EGT gauge Combo Kit
Average Rating(2)
Part Number: MI1020-1
Oil Pressure/Oil Temp Combo Kit
Part Number: MI1003-2
Volts/Water-Temp Combo Kit
Part Number: MI1020-6
Boost/AIT Gauge Combo Kit
Part Number: MI1020-121
Boost BAR/EGT  Gauge Combo Kit
Part Number: MI1020-109
Fuel Pressure/Temp gauge combo Kit
Part Number: MI1020-125
Custom Gauge Kit
$299.99 (Price is subject to change. )
Part Number: MP1083-11