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Catch Can VS Catch Can – In the Wild, Wild, West!

Posted by on 8/8/2016 to News
There are many choices out there in the market place for Catch Cans. You seem to see them everywhere now. Just a simple search on Ebay could only confuse you more if you were already wondering what type of Oil Catch Can to get for you vehicle.
Oil Catch Cans have been around for a while now. With the event of Direct Injection Engines or Port Injection Engines that promise higher fuel efficiency consumers of these vehicles are finding out that that promise will soon go away. It doesn’t take long for the blow-by produced from these type of engines to hinder performance and horsepower. To combat this car owners should have an Oil Catch Can installed in their vehicle. Now comes the problem… Which One? There are many to choose from.
First, I would ask yourself how much is it worth to you to preserve your engine and extend the life on it. Without a proper Oil Catch Can the life expectancy of your engine is much shorter than NOT having a proper Catch Can. Coke buildup from blow by gasses can lead to a very expensive mechanical bill. We are talking thousands of dollars. Now with that consideration, do you really want to your trust in an Oil Catch Can that cost under $100? The old saying you get what you pay for when you buy one of these cheap cans comes to mind.
Your vehicle is the second most expensive investment with the largest being your home. Placing trust in an Oil Catch Can that as inexpensive as possible can cost you 100 times more than what that catch can cost in repair bills.
Our Oil Catch Cans have been designed and developed thru our Engineering Department. We have a proper filtration system that works scientifically thru coalescence filtration on a molecular level. Catch Cans that are less expensive depend on a filtration systems that is only a screen filter. This does not take out the harmful components and will only allow them to recycle back into the engine. Even worse, if an Oil Catch Can only depends on a screen filter process and you are not allowed to clean that screen, it will only be a matter of time that the screen gets clogged up.
Our Catch Cans and hoses are the highest standard you can get and are EPA and CARB certified. When you use the wrong hose you get leakage and a horrible smell. Can you imagine those contaminates spraying on to your hot engine or manifold? We also give you a “Life Time Warranty” on our Catch Can as well as a 30 day no hassle return policy. We have been in business for over 10 years and carry a million dollar product liability coverage so you won’t be chasing a ghost if something does go wrong. When it comes to your second most expensive investment trusting the life of your vehicle engine you should expect quality. Why risk the second most expensive investment to a product that will cost less in the short time but can very well possible cost you $1000’s in the long run. The Rx Oil Catch Can by McNally is engineered for performance with high standards that you can trust it is getting the job done right!

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