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McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can

This new design has many new features added to our existing design. While sticking with the Universal design of an Oil Catch Can we will finally have quick connect nozzles. Adding the quick connect nozzles to the McNally Catch Can was the first thing we wanted to do. So we finally did it! Another feature we added was to take the release valve and put it on the top as opposed to the previous design and have it on the bottom. This makes it easier and cleaner for the Oil Catch Can owner to use. Not only is the release valve on the top but there is now a Level Indicator within the can. As the can fills up a float will notify when it is time to empty the contaminants in the can. when it is time to empty the contaminants in the can.
Now for the fun stuff. First, Let's start with the check valves. Our old design needed the installer to cut hose and place check valves so that they face the correct way. With the Gen 2 design, the check valves are built in the Catch Can itself. This will make installation faster and easier. The McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can has had added features which makes this can a step ahead of the competition. Coalescent Filtration is still the main principle of filtering out the harmful contaminants that hurt your engine over time but there are other features added. The New McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can uses Thermal Differential and Centrifugal Force in addition to Coalescent filtration. First, a Centrifugal Force feature has been added to the design. As the contaminants enter into the can they are pushed into a spiral motion. Centrifugal Force pushes the particles against the cooler side walls of the Oil Catch Can and then falls where they condense. With the addition of these two features, vehicle owners should find the confidence that their McNally Oil Catch Can is doing the job right!