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Gen 2 Oil Catch Can Kit by McNally
Gen 2 Oil Catch Can Kit by McNally

Gen 2 Oil Catch Can Kit by McNally

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Part Number:MI1028-14

The McNally Oil Catch Can Just Got Better!

This new design has many new features greatly improving it over our Gen 1 can. While sticking with an oil catch can design that looks familiar, we’ve added some Bells, Clicks and Whistles we think you’ll find impressive. We’ve finally added quick connect fittings to the top of the can, speeding up the installation process and making it simpler. This was the first thing we wanted to do, so we finally did it! Another feature we added was getting rid of the typical drain valve on the bottom of the can which is hard to reach in most tight modern engine bays. Now we have a release knob on top of the can, just pull it up to relieve the reservoir of the condensed byproduct. This makes maintenance so much easier and it keeps your engine and garage floor neat and tidy. Not only is the release valve on the top but now there’s a level indicator window to let you know when your can is full of contaminants, so no more guessing.

please check to see if you have room within the engine bay for installation
McNally Universal Gen 2 Oil Catch CanNow for the fun stuff. First, Let us start with the check valves. Our old design needed the installer to cut the hose in order to insert in-line check valves and it was crucial that they faced the correct direction. This created a lot of confusion. With the Gen 2 design, our proprietary check valves are built into the catch can, making installation faster and easier. The McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can have features which put this can a step ahead of the competition. First, we use coalescent filtration to remove the majority of harmful contaminants that diminish the performance and longevity of your engine over time. Next, the new McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can uses thermal differential and centrifugal force in addition to coalescent filtration. As the contaminants enter into the can the proprietary internal design of the cans separation apparatus force them into a spiral motion. Centrifugal force pushes the particles against the now thinner, cooler side walls of the oil catch can and condense faster to collect more blow-by byproduct. At McNally we believe we have come up with the most innovative and efficient design of any oil separating catch can on the market today.
The addition of these two features, will give our customers confidence knowing that their McNally Oil Catch Can is doing the job right!

Designed for all Types of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and
Diesel Forced Induction (DFI) Engines

The McNally Gen 2 Universal Oil Catch Can
will Save You Thousands of Dollars in Repair Costs
and Extend the Life of Your Engine.


You will receive a variety of adaptors and hoses. You may or may not use all the parts you receive.

There is a problem today with Gasoline Direct Injection “GDI” Engines. GDI Engines produce "blow-by" that over time will slowly cause your engine to coke up and lose performance. It will reduce mileage and ultimately damage your intake, valves and pistons in your engine.

Installing any of the McNally Performance Oil Catch Cans or Oil Catch Can Kits will reduce this damage caused by Gasoline and Diesel Direct Injection Engine "blow-by". Our McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can provides continuous cleaning with every mile and in every driving condition for the life of your vehicle.

McNally Gen2 Oil Catch Cans

Cocked Valve resulting in GDI Engine Blowby
  • Improves Engine Performance
  • Eliminate Engine Coking
  • Maintain Engine Performance
  • Keep Your Engine Running Cooler
  • Maintain Fuel Efficiency
  • Coalescence Filtration
  • Dual Chambers
  • Internal Low Drag Check Valves

Understanding the Need for a Proper GDI Engine Oil Catch Can

Everyday vehicle use of a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine will cause the build-up of a certain amount of oil, sulfur and waste carbon into the intake air system. Because a GDI engine is a closed system this oil, sulfur, and waste carbon, referred to as "Blow-by", naturally finds its way into the air intake system. This "Blow-by" results in loss of power, detonation, and long-term burnt carbon buildup on the pistons and valves reducing the air velocity and flow through the engine which keeps the engine running cooler.

McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can is a true oil PCV crankcase evacuation and separation system. It is engineered to eliminate valve coking issues, increase fuel economy by eliminating oil associated detonation, reduce tailpipe emissions, and prolong engine life by removing damaging combustion by-products and trapping them from entering into the intake air hose connected to your McNally Gen 2 Catch Can.

Without a Oil Catch Can this Condition Is
Progressive and Exponentially Impairs Performance

McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can Diagram
  • Reduced horsepower and torque
  • Contaminated Catalytic Converter(s)
  • Reduced Catalytic Converter life requiring replacement runs +$2,000 each.
  • Fuel Mileage efficiency

The cost from having to do an Intake mechanical cleaning due to carbon build up can run from $1200 to as high as $2,000 and up, EACH TIME. Chemical cleaning is MUCH less expensive however it sometimes can create other problems. If the cleaning is not properly performed by a certified mechanic it is possible for corrosion and even worse may eventually force the purchase of new Catalytic Converter. The McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can takes out the problematic particles before they reach your engine.

Preventing costly mechanical repairs and engine damage to your vehicle requires additional modifications to your engine. Adding a McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can to the closed Original Equipment by Manufacturer (OEM) Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system is the first step to keeping money in your pocket rather than spending it on auto repair bills.

McNally Electronics Oil Catch Can Results

Understanding the Difference Between
Screen Filtration and Coalescence Filtration.

The screen filtration system is just that. You push a liquid (or gas) thru a screen to filter out any unwanted contaminants. When you are dealing with particulates such as "blow-by" that screen will eventually become blocked up. The McNally Gen 2 Oil Catch Can’s stainless steel coalescence filtration system provides an increased amount of surface for the particulates to attach themselves to BEFORE these harmful particulates get to your engine. Every engine and vehicle will vary in the amount and mixture of contaminants that are filtered. The best part is the McNally Universal Gen 2 Oil Catch Can is maintenance free. You only have to drain the Oil Catch Can with every oil change.

The bottom line is, without a proper evacuation system you WILL sustain long-term and expensive engine damage. This damage begins on a direct injection engine day and mile 1 and progressively gets worse with time. The McNally Electronics Gen 2 Universal Oil Catch Can catches these harmful contaminants BEFORE the damage is done to your vehicle.

5 Stars
M. Felker
I purchased my McNally Catch can about year ago, and out off all the research I did, i settled on McNally. Your product surpasses my expectation by a mile. Not only is your product high quality and robust, but your customer service is fantastic. It's amazing what contaminates it's catching and keeping out of my engine. Each day I drive my Ford F150 FX4, I can feel and see results each time I get into the throttle. Thanks for great product developed in USA! Many thanks to your staff and your R&D folks.
Did you find this helpful?  14 of 20 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from US. on 7/29/2018
4 Stars
I wish the o-rings were made of Vitron or Buna. Mine are swelling up. Otherwise I really like how my Diesel engine is staying clean. If you live in a cold climate you have to address the frozen can issue. I added a heater circuit.
Did you find this helpful?  7 of 12 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin . on 3/21/2020
5 Stars
Great product, even better price
Installed this system on my 2013 F150 Ecoboost. I did a lot of research on similar products and pricing and this one beats them hands down. Install was fairly straightforward, with installation of the hose onto the fittings being the most difficult part. A heat gun and generous layer of soap made this easier. I emptied for the first time after 1500 miles and got at least 12 oz of nasty fluid out of it. The pull up drain plus made it a 2 minute job. I would buy again at this price no question.
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Reviewed by:  from Kansas . on 1/13/2020
5 Stars
2012 Ford F-150 3.5 EcoBoost
I added this Gen 2 to my truck, was surprised by how much was in the can the first time I emptied it. I installed mine in a different location then the instructions showed. Its in front of the radiator using the same hardware as the horn.
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Fond du lac. on 10/25/2019
5 Stars
Car enthusiast
I have not been able to install yet as I haven’t been around my vehicle for a few months. But working with your staff was an amazing experience and as soon as install I’ll review the product for y’all!
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Kansas. on 1/31/2019

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