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Premium Universal<br /> Monster Oil Catch Can Kit <br /> w/ Clean Side Separator

Premium Universal
Monster Oil Catch Can Kit
w/ Clean Side Separator

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Designed for all Types of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and Diesel Forced Induction (DFI) Engines

A McNally Oil Catch Can Kit will Save You Thousands of Dollars in Repair Costs and Extend the Life of Your Engine.

There is a problem today with Gasoline Direct Injection “GDI” Engines. GDI Engines produce "blow-by" that over time will slowly cause your engine to coke up and loose performance. It will reduce mileage and ultimately damage your intake, valves and pistons in your engine.

Installing any of the RX Performance Oil Catch Cans or Oil Catch Can Kits will reduce this damage caused by Gasoline and Diesel Direct Injection Engine "blow-by". Our RX Oil Catch Can Kit provides continuous cleaning with every mile and in every driving condition for the life of your vehicle.

McNally Electronics Oil Catch Can Kits:

Cocked Valve resulting in GDI Engine Blowby
  • Improves Engine Performance
  • Eliminate Engine Coking
  • Maintain Engine Performance
  • Keep Your Engine Running Cooler
  • Maintain Fuel Efficiency
  • Coalescence Filtration
  • Dual Chambers
  • Dual Auto switching Check Valves

Understanding the Need for a Proper GDI Engine Oil Catch Can Kit

Everyday vehicle use of a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine will cause the build up of a certain amount of oil, sulfur and waste carbon into the intake air system. Because a GDI engine is a closed system this oil, sulfur, and waste carbon, referred to as "Blow-by", naturally finds its way into the air intake system. This "Blow-by" results in loss of power, detonation, and long term burnt carbon buildup on the pistons and valves reducing the air velocity and flow through the engine which keeps the engine running cooler.

McNally Universal Oil Catch Can Kits are a true oil PCV crankcase evacuation and separation system. It is engineered to eliminate valve coking issues, increase fuel economy by eliminating oil associated detonation, reduce tail pipe emissions, and prolong engine life by removing damaging combustion by-products and trapping them from entering into the intake air hose connected to your McNally Catch Can.

Without a Oil Catch Can Kit this Condition Is Progressive and Exponentially Impairs Performance

McNally Electronics Oil Catch Can Diagram
  • Reduced horse power and torque
  • Contaminated Catalytic Converter(s)
  • Reduced Catalytic Converter life requiring replacement runs +$2,000 each.
  • Fuel Mileage efficiency

The cost from having to do an Intake mechanical cleaning due to carbon build up can run from $1200 to as high as $2,000 and up, EACH TIME. Chemical cleaning is MUCH less expensive however it sometimes can create other problems. If the cleaning is not properly performed by a certified mechanic it is possible for corrosion and even worse may eventually force the purchase of new Catalytic Converter. The McNally Electronics Oil Catch Can takes out the problematic particles before they reach your engine.

Preventing costly mechanical repairs and engine damage to your vehicle requires additional modifications to your engine. Adding a McNally Catch Can Kit to the closed Original Equipment by Manufacturer (OEM) Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system is the first step to keeping money in your pocket rather than spending it on auto repair bills.

McNally Electronics Oil Catch Can Results

Understanding the Difference Between Screen Filtration and Coalescence Filtration.

The screen filtration system is just that. You push a liquid (or gas) thru a screen to filter out any unwanted contaminates. When you are dealing with particulates such as "blow-by" that screen will eventually become blocked up. The RX Oil Catch Can’s stainless steel coalescence filtration system provides an increased amount of surface for the particulates to attach themselves to BEFORE these harmful particulates get to your engine. Every engine and vehicle will vary in the amount and mixture of contaminates that are filtered. Best part is the McNally Products Oil Catch Can Kit is maintenance free. You only have to drain the Oil catch Can with every oil change.

The bottom line is, without a proper evacuation system you WILL sustain long-term and expensive engine damage. This damage begins on a direct injection engine day and mile 1 and progressively gets worse with time. The McNally Electronics Universal Oil Catch Can kit catches these harmful contaminants BEFORE the damage is done to your vehicle.

With this Purchase You Will Receive:

  • Monster Catch Can - total height 10 inches with a 4 inch diameter
  • 24 inches of Clear Drain
  • 2 Return Check Valves with barbs, a Barb adapter and a ring clamp
Installation Connection Kit Catch Can Bracket Hanger System Assembly Kit
  • Universal L Bracket
  • Universal Z Bracket
  • Screw, 2 Spacer, a Washer and a Nut
Clean Side Separator

Clean Side Separator

The  Clean-side separator solution addresses that small amount of oil vapor that enters the intake air charge upstream of the throttle body during wide open throttle operation when the intake manifold vacuum is not present.

The Clean-side solution allows 100% MAF metered air entry while trapping the oil during wide open throttle operation and allowing it to return back into the valve cover as soon as the throttle is lifted. Simply installs as a direct replacement for your stock Oil Fill Cap allowing you to delete and replace the stock OEM hose. Our plastic and aluminum clean-side separator incorporates an internal coalescing material. The aluminum clean-side separator also allows you to unscrew the top for a quick inspection or cleaning. Both models are available in Black

This is an add on replacement for your stock Oil Fill Cap. The kit comes with vacuum caps and fittings if needed to connect to your intake air inlet tube. Although approximately 90-95% of the oil ingestion via the intake air charge enters via the "Dirty" or "foul" side of the PCV system, the other 5-10% enter via back flow through the factory "clean" or "fresh" side tube. This occurs mainly when accelerating or at wide open throttle when intake manifold vacuum drops to zero and crankcase pressure is allowed to build. This pressure will seek the path of least resistance, which is backwards flowing into the intake air bridge assembly bringing in oil mist and other contaminants into the intake air charge. While this will not cause severe issue with a port injection daily driven engine, it will cause detonation and reduced power and fuel economy, and in a performance engine, especially forced induction, this detonation is detrimental to power and the resulting knock retard is a negative tuners and owners should avoid, especially if the engine is run hard for extended periods such as road racing, drag racing, or aggressive driving period.

With a direct injection engine, this contributes to the intake valve coking issues all direct injection engines experience.

The McNally Electronics clean side separator is similar to the OEM oil cap in function, retaining an emissions compliant close system, but is superior in several ways. #1, the metal one is made of billet 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum and is recommend over the plastic one in cold weather markets that may break if used in sub-freezing temperatures. (the aluminum model can safely be used in all temperatures). Both models contain stainless steel coalescing media in the separation chamber to trap and retain the oil for the periods of low or no intake manifold vacuum VS the OEM unit being a simple empty chamber. This allows most of the oil to be trapped VS a smaller percentage, and also returns it to the valve cover as soon as vacuum returns during deceleration, idle, or cruise.