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McNally was formed by a group of enthusiastic engineers to design, develop and produce world class automotive products and instrumentation. The company is a spinoff of the aerospace company Aviation Instrument Technologies Inc. and collectively both companies bring many years of product development experience in electronic displays and instrumentation.

In 2015 McNally purchased RX Extreme and Performance products. Today McNally manufactures and sells, the McNally Catch Can and Blue Max Gauges

As a world class leader in Product Design...

McNally engineering also brings to our customer’s high quality custom designed products and engineering services. One of our top goals at McNally is fast turn-around time for new product designs and quotes!

We design and manufacture products for automotive, truck, marine and commercial vehicle markets.

McNally products are Rugged and Reliable

Auto Gauges
  • Kits come with everything you need to operate your gauge
  • Can show Temperature in F and C, Peak Value, and Voltage
  • Both Analog and Digital face dials
  • 5 different Colors! Blue, Red, White, Green, and Yellow
  • We have Tools, Cables, Everything You Need for Your Auto Gauge
  • Our Gauges are High Quality and are Hand Assembled
McNally Auto Gauges
Rx Oil Catch Cans by McNally
  • Improves Engine Performance
  • Engine Runs Cooler
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency
  • High-Output Applications with Over 15 lbs of Boost
  • Winter Months with Temperatures below 45°F
  • All Types of Forced Induction Vehicles
McNally Oil Catch Can
McNally FlexRay

McNally Electronics, Inc. has developed an expertise in FlexRay systems that provide safety, speed and robust quality demanded in automotive applications.

FlexRay is a serial bus system that speeds up data transfer between vehicle components and enables different systems to be safely and precisely networked. New, fast driver assistants and chassis control systems mean safer, more comfortable driving.

The complexity of electronic driver assistant systems is growing continuously. New chassis and drivetrain control systems demand extremely high data transfer speeds to function effectively.

McNally FlexRay
McNally Auto Gauges
Take a look at the Auto Gauge Set up of a McNally Electronics' Customer.